South African Government Security Policies

I found a HUGE document of information security policies on the South African Government Information website:

The policies document is almost 500 pages and includes the following chapters:

  • Securing Hardware, Peripherals and Other Equipment
  • Controlling Access to Information and Systems
  • Processing Information and Documents
  • Purchasing and Maintaining Commercial Software
  • Developing and Maintaining In-House Software
  • Combating Cyber Crime
  • Complying With Legal and Policy Requirements
  • Planning For Business Continuity
  • Addressing Personnel Issues Relating To Security
  • Controlling E-Commerce Information Security
  • Delivering Training and Staff Awareness
  • Dealing With Premises Related Considerations
  • Detecting and Responding to IS Incidents
  • Classifying Information and Data

I’ve included an archived copy of the document below. Check it out!

South African Information Security Policies

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