Should You Obtain Your Computer Online Or From A Retail Outlet?

Getting a brand new computer is a great feeling. It doesn’t matter if you are buying your first one or your twentieth one, it’s a fantastic experience to pull it out of the box and fire it up for the first time. Everything seems faster, more robust, and alive. The whole system seems so much more responsive, especially if you haven’t got a new one in a while.

If a new computer is in your near future, but you are unsure of where you will get it, then this article is for you. I’ll go over the pros and cons of buying it from your local retail store as well as ordering one over the Internet. After reading this you’ll have a much better idea of what to expect, and this can significantly help you in your buying decision.

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One good thing about buying a computer online is it’s usually much cheaper. You don’t really get much of a discount compared to the same model in the store, rather, there are many more options online, so you can do some serious comparison shopping.

There are a few drawbacks to buying online. If you don’t know much about computers, then it’s kind of hard to compare different models. If you have a lot of questions, it can be tough to get them answered, or it may take a few emails to get the information you’re looking for. Another drawback to buying online is that it may take a week or so before you’ve got your new machine. This can seem frustrating if you’re ready to play with some new software.

If you aren’t sure about things like screen size, memory, processor speed, or hard disk size, then buying one in a retail store may be a better option. You’ll be able to actually play around with it a little before making a decision. You’ll also have a live person there who can answer any questions you may have. Another plus is you can take it home right away, without having to wait a couple weeks.

One of the big drawbacks from buying from a retail store is that you are fairly limited as far as the number of models to choose from. If you don’t find one that you like you may have to drive to another store, or see if you can get them to order you one. In that case you might as well buy one from the Internet.

Now that you’re near the end of this article, you should have a good idea of where to buy your next computer. If you know precisely what you want, and don’t mind waiting a few days, then the Internet is your best bet. But if you aren’t quite sure, and would like to ask several questions before making a decision, then it would probably be a good idea to head on down to your local computer store, and let them take care of you.

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