How To Choose The Right Mac Data Recovery Service

What is your plan in case of a Mac data recovery emergency? Are you ready for your Mac hard disk to crash? Basic fact is that it’s unavoidable. As mechanical devices, hard drives do fail. And when your hard drive failure is catastrophic, no data recovery software is going to retrieve your data.

When your Mac hard disk drive goes kaput (symptoms include lack of access, and a clicking or buzzing sound), you’re going to need help. Professional Mac data recovery help. Finding a quality company isn’t so straightforward, however. Use these hints to shortlist the best:

1. Important Files? – The most crucial point when looking for a Mac data recovery service is figuring out just how valuable your data is. If you just installed new programs, but have backups of critical data, professional recovery is probably unnecessary. Reinstalling your Mac OS on a new hard drive is by far your cheapest action plan, and while your data won’t be back, if your backups are all-encompassing, you won’t need to spend any cash.

2. Experience With Mac OS – So you’ve decided to call a professional. It’s vitalto realize that Windows file repair is very different to Mac data recovery. While all of hard drive recovery service shops will offer PC data recovery, a far smaller group are skilled and experienced with Mac data retrieval. Ensure your shop has the tools and expertise necessary get your data back.

3. Satisfied Customers – Most skilled Mac hard disk recovery providers will have a list of satisfied customers on hand. Some may even provide contact information for these customers, although often security issues mean they can’t just hand these details to anyone. On the other hand, best of breed Mac recovery vendors will have messages from happy customers at for reference… Just ask for one.

4. Telephone Talk – Beware always of services that urge you to ship your Mac hard drive before they’ve asked any questions. Data recovery sales people can be very aggressive, and look to take advantage of people having a data emergency. A good engineer should be able to partially solve your issue while on the phone. Hold them to this.

5. Quote First, Then Ship – It’s generally an industry standard to get a data recovery quote before service is provided. If you’re speaking to someone that won’t quote or even guarantee a price on your hard drive recovery, time to call someone else. Smaller shops will often charge more than you might have imagined, particularly if you don’t have a guaranteed price. Get them to put pen to paper on a price, and then consider sending your disk drive. You’ll be thankful you did.

Fact is, no one wants to be in a scenario where they need Mac hard drive recovery services. But if it happens, be sure to stay smart and calm.

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